Are Motorized Blinds a smart Investment?

While electric blinds aren’t the cheapest mosquito net solution, they do offer several benefits that justify the extra investment, and they can even help you save money.

Timeless Style

Electric blinds are simple, smart, tidy, and will not date with time. Whether you have a modern townhouse or a large country cottage, electric blinds can complement a wide range of interior design trends and styles. 


If you will be away from your property for long periods or if you are going on vacation for a few weeks, your electric blinds can be pre-programmed to open and close at set times to make it look like someone is actually around the house.

Perfect Fit

All of our electric shades are custom made to ensure they fit your windows perfectly and provide the best coverage and screen. If you need electric blackout blinds, we can install side channels mounted on the window to ensure that no light can enter from the sides.

Save Energy

With electric blind automation, you can pre-program your electric blinds to go up and down at certain times of the day, which can help you pay your energy bills. In winter, close your blinds at night when temperatures are generally more relaxed.

Protect Furniture

Prevent furniture from fading in direct sunlight by programming your electric shades to close when the sun is strongest. Even if you are away from home, electric blinds will shade selected rooms as needed.


Electric blinds can be fitted with various concealment options, including pockets, fascias, and ceiling niches. These not only hide the blinds when not in use, but they also help protect the fabric of the blind, thus extending the life of the blind.


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