Cellular & Pleated Shades

House Blinds Cellular Shades provide the highest energy efficiency and sound absorption. You can use these cellular shades for any room of your house including bedrooms and kitchens. Cellular shades come in different levels of opacity to control the level of light and privacy of each window. Choose from single cell shades, double cell shades, and triple cell shades to control the amount of energy and sound absorption. Have children or pets; then add a Cellular Shade cordless lift system as a safe solution.


Cellular Blind Elements

Light Control

Cellular Shades permit light to pass through the blinds providing a distributed lighting environment.

Sun Filtering

Cellular Shades block out sunlight, while still allowing some light into the room - creating an open and airy feel.


Cellular Shades enable light to pass through the shade material, while still blocking enough for privacy.

Add-On Features


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