How to Pair roller blinds with curtains

roller blind

Our range of blinds is designed to meet your needs, no matter what room they hang in. In today’s blog post, we thought we’d pull together the expertise of our House Blinds team and bring you our tips for matching/pairing your roller blinds with curtains.

Choose the right fabrics

Both roller blinds and blinds come in a variety of materials. And many of them have unique properties. For example, blackout roller blinds are designed for rooms where you need to be plunged into pitch darkness at certain times of the day.

Choose complementary colours

When you choose to invest in both roller blinds and curtains at once, you will want them to last. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to choose the right options for a room is to consider colour. 

Think about the textures you already have in your room. Does a fluffy rug fill the middle of the room? Do you have linen fabric cushions scattered on the sofa? Do you have a passion for silk and satin glitters? The beauty of having two window coverings is that you can play with different textures.

Use prints to catch the eye

Bright and bold or subtle and solemn – a patterned roller blind with plain curtains is a sure win. And actually, reversing that and installing simple roller blinds with patterned blinds works just as well.

Create a mix of function and style

We mentioned above the benefits of understanding the unique needs of your room. Roller blinds and curtains allow you to optimize functionality while adding your own unique style. Consider sheer/voile blinds that let in muted light, combined with heavy, opulent cream/gold curtains that instantly add to the luxury of a room.

How do blinds and curtains work practically

It’s entirely possible to have both in one window at any given time. The trick is to measure your roller blinds to fit the INSIDE of your window recess and then purchase a curtain rail long enough for your curtains to fold back on either side of the blinds.