Top Five most Asked questions on Smart blinds

Smart Blind

1. What are smart blinds?

Smart blinds are electric blinds that can be operated using a Smartphone, watch, or tablet. Voice commands can also control some smart blinds through Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, or Apple’s Siri / Home Kit system.

2. How are smart blinds powered?

We have smart blind systems that can be powered in several ways: via mains power, D-cell home batteries, or a plug-in charger. Smart blinds with a fixed cable are connected to an electrical outlet located nearby.

3. How are intelligent blinds controlled?

Smart blinds are controlled using a simple application or using voice commands. This application allows you to open or close smart blinds wherever you are, at home or outdoors. And you can set groups of blinds to rise and fall together.

4. Are smart blinds worth it?

There are many reasons why smart blinds are worth installing. The benefits of smart blinds in your home include hands-free comfort, control of blinds outside your home, and automatic functions. In addition, you can save energy on heating and air conditioning, protect furniture from sun damage and improve the security of your home.

5. What are the best smart blinds?

At House Blinds, we offer an excellent selection of some of the best electric smart blinds in the market, including Sun Glow, Somfy, and Lutron blinds.