Why Faux Wood Blinds Are best for your home

Faux Wood Blind

You may dream of decorating your bathroom windows with luxurious wooden blinds, but the truth is that these expensive window treatments will soon warp, crack and deteriorate in humid environments.

Luckily, we’ve got a suitable alternative for all the bathrooms in your home, from your family bathroom to your ensuite.

Bathrooms are often spaces that get wet easily, so all furniture and decorations must be durable and water-resistant. Water splashes and spills can easily damage delicate materials, while condensate can lead to mold. This problem is aggravated if your bathroom is not well ventilated. And while we don’t usually consider hardwood fragile or easily damaged, it does struggle to withstand constant moisture and humidity.

But you can still bring the beauty and style of wooden windows into your bathroom with faux wood. Faux wood blinds offer the best of both worlds – the natural beauty of the wood grain, coupled with the practicality of artificial materials. Durable, strong, and water-resistant, faux wood blinds are not prone to warping or warping, which is a prominent feature of real wood solutions when installed in bathrooms.

At House Blinds, our faux wood blinds are a perfect choice. They are not only waterproof but also resistant to cracking and warping caused by rising and falling temperatures. Faux wood blinds also have strong sun protection that leads to fading.

Rigid, durable, and available in a wide selection of colours and styles, our faux wood blinds offer the beautiful look of real wood without the blemishes.