Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds have a light filtering effect that makes them a cool, practical, and user-friendly option for your home and office. Zebra Blinds have a softer look that combines the smooth look of shades with the functions of a blind.

Zebra Blinds are made up of a combination of light filtering sheer fabric and solid room darkening fabric. When the solid fabric strips overlap, the light is blocked out. When the sheer fabric strips overlap the light is let in. This allows the ability to control the amount of light entering the house.

Give your house a modern and sophisticated look with Zebra Blinds.


Zebra Blind Elements

Room Darkening

Shades the suns harmful rays and provides privacy and security.


Slatted blinds can be opened up to let in sunlight and fill a room with warmth and light

UV Protection

Blinds UV protective materials provide protection from the suns harmful rays

Add-On Features


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